The Grenade Shaker

The Grenade shaker cup has a lot of functionality as you can see in the image above!

We want to talk about one of the most unique shaker bottles out on the market, the Grenade shaker bottle. Highly functional and very distinct with the grenade look to have it stand out from the rest. This will make a great fit to your collection at home! The thing we here at Iron Crate love about the shaker bottle is how many features it includes.

Let’s start with the capsule storage in the lid.

For busy mornings, you can throw your vitamins in the capsule holder under the lid to keep them safe for when you need them.

Another addition to this bottle is the silent shaker filter.

This is perfect for students or those who work in offices. This will allow you to shake the bottle without making much noise to interrupt anything.

Next up is the storage compartment.

This storage can be used for powder or a small snack such as almonds for an example. This is super nice so you can drink water throughout the day and use the powder when needed instead of sitting in water all day.

One of the last touches we love and probably one of the most important is that this bottle is BPA & DEHP free.

To add on, it is microwave and freezer safe! So if you need to use it during winter to warm up some coffee & protein, you’re all set! You could also use it for making a nutrient dense slushy with the freezer.

As you can see, we really want to hook our customers up with the top fitness items! We love seeing the feedback when the Iron Crate gets to your doorstep. We take pride in getting you top of the line and the most trustworthy products out there. We believe you will love the Grenade shaker cup and everything else that comes in the Military Appreciation Iron Crate.

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